Rights You & Your Baby May Have

Most of these things will depend on how far along you are when your baby dies (in addition to any federal, state and local laws).
  • To be given the chance to see, hold and touch the baby at any time before and or after death.

  • To have the opportunity to have a photograph of your baby.

  • To bathe and dress the baby.

  • To be given as many mementos as possible, i.e., hand and footprints, crib card, baby beads, ultrasound picture, lock of hair, hospital bracelet, birth and death certificates.

  • To name your child and bond with him/her.

  • To observe cultural and/or religious practices.

  • To request or decline an autopsy.

  • To be given information regarding your baby's status.

  • To be cared for by empathetic staff who will accept their feelings, thoughts, beliefs.

  • To be together during hospitalization.

  • To see a counselor and be informed about the grieving process.

  • To plan a burial, cremation, or memorial ceremony according to your religious or cultural traditions.

Your Baby's Rights:

  • To be recognized as a person who had life.

  • To be named.

  • To be seen, touched, and held by family.

  • For death to be acknowledged.